Wednesday, February 28, 2018

2/28/2018 7:04 PM
Every day we hear certain terms on and in the media. 

Terms like, immigration, illegal immigration, Islamophobia, Social Justice Warrior, Antifa, Fascist, Racist. Gun violence, and white privilege. The list goes on. 

Mostly couched in phrases dripping with concern for the state of their “fellow Americans”. 
I don’t need to repeat ANY of the speeches as I am sure you have all heard one or another version. 

But, try thinking of this situation from a different viewpoint.  Say, that of 1942. 

For instance.  Instead of illegal immigration, think “invasion”.  A growing army a foreign mercenaries being paid by the Deep State and our own tax dollars to disrupt our cities, create unrest and to alter the voting paradigm in the entire country.

Instead of “American Education System” or Public schools, think of “Fifth Column” of socialist sleepers who have infiltrated the one place where they can program, radicalize, and, yes, brainwash our greatest asset.  Our children.  Turning them against everything we, as Americans, believe in.

Instead of Islamic “refugees”, not individual muslims, but specifically the Islamics.. instead think of Black Ops, special forces whose JOB is to infiltrate and tear down our political system by using that same system. (Something they readily admit as well as their goal to use that system and the Constitution it is based on to destroy us and replace the Constitution with Sharia Law)

Instead of Mainstream Media, think instead of Lord HawHaw, Tokyo Rose and the guy in Baghdad who swore Americans weren’t even in Iraq while they were driving tanks up mainstreet. Facts twisted, polls made up to order, lies issued on an hourly basis, character assassination of our elected leaders. 

Instead of “elected leaders”, think instead of the old Soviet term “the nomenklatura”, meaning those whose names are on the list of the privileged.  Here it is “in the club”, to which you are not invited. Public servants actually means Public “Masters”, now.

And despite all the good men who wear badges, think of the cops who murder unarmed men and women, and even children, as the same as the death squads of Argentina and Venezuela.  Their    JOB is to keep the citizens “under control”.  When was the last time a cop in your town actually prevented a crime>  Or saved someone from a criminal.?  Or stopped an Antifa riot?  Yeah, me neither. Brown shirts from German history.  Exempt from prosecution.  Investigating themselves for crimes against the people.  Or “fearing for their life” because a man reached for the ID they just asked him for.

Everyone has bills to pay.  Maybe they have good jobs they don’t want to endanger.  They’ve got the new truck or boat they want to use. Or “the Voice” is on tonight.

Instead of Movies and TV and celebrities think of bread and circuses and gladiators in the ring.  Always something to distract from the very real goings on in our country.

The battle has been joined, they just forgot to tell most of the American people.

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

State enforcers or "sturmabteilung" (Storm Troopers)

Remember when the policeman was your friend?  When judges were taking cases on their merits?(Okay, I don’t either)  But that’s what we were told.
Now,  crooks, dopers, citizens, travelers, pedestrians…. Everybody is afraid of or hates (or both) cops of any stripe. 
Cops are shooting unarmed people because they “fear for their lives”.  They shoot  house pets, why?  Because the fear for their lives. 
“I feared for my life” has become the get out of jail card for every instance of police brutality, murder, assault, mayhem. 
A week doesn’t go by without some more cops getting busted in either a sex scandal or dope dealing or stealing, possibly from their own department. 
How many time have you heard a variation of “we have investigated ourselves and find we did nothing wrong”???? IAD means Internal Alibi Division.
The DA and / or the Grand Jury decide NOT to prosecute.
And the judges rubber stamp whatever is best for the current administration. 
After all, they all work for the same corporation.  Their checks come from the same place. 
Grand juries are “instructed” in the law and the procedures they must follow.  No wiggle room, after all they might come to a different conclusion.
Many police are good men trapped by a system they can’t afford to abandon.  Families, homes, cars boats.  All those good things require a paycheck.
So, self-interest has overcome the desire to do good. To keep the peace.  To help people. 
Instead they cooperate with the corporate state in its ongoing attempt to extort revenue from the people they thought to “protect”.  Law after law, statutes unending, regulations, rules handed down from our lords and masters, called “civil servants” or “representatives”. 
Freedom.  Our call sign.  Our motto.  Does NOT exist anymore.  Just look around and you will see that for yourself. 
It exists only in your mind, if you can keep it.

More later.   

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Letters From Occupied America

April 17
Dear Friends:
          I won't use any names, as you all know who you are.
        I have been thinking of parallels.  In our history and in our new lives here in the "Land  of the Free".
        It occurs to me that, in the time of the Revolution, there were supposedly only 3% of the population actively involved in the  fighting or "sedition". 
        The rest were either "Tories",  or Loyalist, OR they were just interested in living their lives without disturbance. 
         Meaning, they had jobs or businesses to take care of, families they were raising, farms to tend. 
         However they felt about the King and the British ruling them ,  they were not interested in getting involved in rebelling or anything that would endanger their "safe" way of life. 
         The parallel here is that, obviously, we have an identical situation here in Occupied America.  The majority of the population are hard at work earning a living, paying off the mortgage, saving for the college fund, paying for the shiny new pickup or the boat.  
         The rulers haven't  done anything serious  to them, so they don't want to make waves or draw attention to themselves.  
        They are willing to accept what they are told by the Mainstream Media about the state of the world and the country. 
        So, if everything is fine, why make such a fuss about every little violation of their rights?
        This is the situation we find ourselves in. Similar to the Jews in Europe when they decided to just keep their heads down and hope "everything will settle down". 
        Then, when it didn't "settle down", they with either left or boarded the boxcars for their last ride. 
    Think about other parallels and.... Stay tuned.            

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

8 Nov 2016

Election Night America:
               Well, the first part of the struggle is done. 
               Hillary actually conceded.  A complete surprise to many. 
               It was thought her megalomania would prevent any concession.   Of any sort. 
               So, I guess she is headed for her new home in a non-extradition country, to follow her Clinton Foundation monies. 
               I am hopeful for the new directions being promised by Trump and company, although as a resident of the Soviet Socialist People’s Republic of California,  I hold out little hope for myself and any others who, like myself, are economically chained here.
               At the very least, it will be a very interesting year where we will see just exactly Congress will react or act under this administration.
               They will have to get Congress to toe the line.  Not exactly an easy chore as the Republicrats all know where their money comes from, i.e. the corporate oligarchy that contributed so heavily to the Obama administration to drive this country down.
               Considering the extremes that the Left was willing to go to in order to influence this election, one has to wonder what sort of extremes do they have remaining in their playbooks. 
               I, for one, certainly hope Trump’s own security forces are backing up the Secret Service. 
               The Clintons are famous for leaving a looonng line of dead people who opposed them in one thing or another. From Arkansas all the way to Washington, D.C.
               So.  I will continue my search for an escape from the S.S.P.R.of C., while attempting to make a living for my wife and myself.
               As I will continue to think rosy thoughts about the immediate future of the country. 

               Hoping for the best for Americans of all persuasions, colors and creeds.  

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Part of the problem with the country today is that the concept of “responsibility” has been legislatively, educationally and judicially removed from our society. 
            Immunities from prosecution, lawsuits and media exposure abound while malfeasance, bribery, corruption, official murder and contempt for due process are “business as usual.”
            And the citizenry feels helpless because our “elected” “representatives” are on the OTHER side of the fence, laughing at our efforts and cries for justice.
So, here’s an idea:  Simply remove all, and I do mean all, statutory immunities from corporations, government officials, government agencies and / or individuals, except those in witness protection. 
            That would be Step One.
            Step Two:  Establish that the losing party would be responsible for legal expenses engendered by all parties.  That would limit frivolous lawsuits. 
            This would foster a MUCH larger or greater interest in responsibility for one’s products (in the case of corporations such as big Pharma), or individual actions (in the case of government or police agent/agency actions) if they could actually be threatened with a day in open court.  Even the leftist co-opted media couldn’t cover THAT up.  
            The murdering police thug could face having his pension garnished, along with his fellow officers, might just rethink his habit of shooting unarmed homeless people.
            The non-working government employee, collecting a salary for sitting at home, could lose that home.
            The bribable city agent could cost the city millions as well as face prison time. 
            The corrupt Lieutenant Governor of a large state could be forced to explain his campaign donations in open court, along with their connections to his legislative actions.
            The Senator would be explaining why her husband keeps getting EXTREMELY lucrative government contracts without having to bid for them. 
            The local police chief would be explaining to his areas of responsibility why he is devoting so many local resources to implementing Federal rules and regulations, regardless of local laws, without compensation.  Why is he so eager to pursue questionable Federal actions in the first place.
            The list goes on… 
            Removing that immunity bar would reinstate RESPONSIBILITY… to individuals, agencies, departments, corporations and, of course, our legislative, judicial and executive branches of government.
            And adding the RESPONSIBILITY for legal fees and expenses would deter frivolous actions by unscrupulous lawyers and / or individuals. 

            With appropriate consequences, of course, for both lawyers and pledants. 

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

College Student interviews

Well, I just watched another in a long line of videos, typical “man in the street” type interviews.
This one took place at an unnamed college in Middle America. 
The interviewer was catching young people around the campus and nearby, asking them simple questions of history and politics.
“Who won the Civil War?”. “Who did we win our independence from?”, “Who is the current Vice-President of the United States?”, “When was the Civil War?”.
There are literally dozens of such videos, from Jay Leno’s “Jaywalking”, to independent productions like the one above. 
They completely illustrate one point. 
The Old America is dead and gone.  There is no way we can recover from this widespread stupidity and ignorance. 
Our next generation is apparently incapable of pulling their noses out of their iPhones long enough to read a book.  Attending college is an exercise in “getting by” enough to graduate without actually learning anything, while “partying hearty” and showing everybody how liberal and “civilized” they are by supporting socialism without really knowing what it is. 
Supporting Islamic immigration without regard for the consequences  of importing the nations most deadly enemies right into our homes.  Supporting Palestinian terrorism because it is the “cause celebre” of the moment.
The Left has infiltrated our schools to the point that Common Core, the worst abomination ever foisted on education, is accepted and enforced. 
The Left has infiltrated our media to the point that the press blatantly ignores the indiscretions of their darlings while vilifying virtually anything conservative. 
Our government legal arms are becoming secret police loyal only to the administration.  The judicial system is more concerned with Political Correctness than Right or Justice.  The Executive Branch has completely abandoned the pretense of democratic process and the Legislative Branch practically advertises that it is for sale.
The system has worked for a verrry long time to devise a system separating the populace into separate and hostile groups.  Blacks, Jews, whites, Mexicans, Asians.
The media works very hard to foster the illusion that they are in fact, enemies.  And many people buy into this fiction. 
The fact is that racial and religious prejudice is an aberration in the modern world.  An aberration that has found a home in fundamentally primitive minds.    
There are people who hate.  You will find some people who hate something, no matter what it is.
The reality is that all those groups only have one enemy.  The system that is oppressing them, robbing them, murdering them and walking away scot free without consequence of any sort.
America the Old is gone.  Destroyed by apathetic non-voters who “went with the flow” rather than to stand up for what is right or just.
As was witnessed recently, even peaceful protestors are subject to violent measures, which is not to say it hasn’t been happening all along, as in Waco, Ruby Ridge, Wounded Knee.
Now, this New World Order is making overt moves to destroy what is left of America and freedom wherever it is found in the world.  Along with a blatant worldwide depopulation program and economic warfare on a global scale.

America the Old is gone.  To salvage any freedom will require cooperation on a scale that will probably never overcome the programming that has been going on for decades.